For many years, Fein has monopolized the market for oscillating tools. Now that its patent had worn out, other brands are advancing with their own versions at cheaper prices. One of its competitors is the Dremer Multi-Max. If you are getting an oscillating tool, it would be prudent to first get tips from reviews made by users who had experienced working with these tools. Down below is a Fein MultiMaster vs. Dremel Multi-Max comparison.

When it comes to ergonomics, reviewers give Fein Multimaster a five star rating for its comfortable handling. Its rubber grip and ergonomic design are adapted perfectly to require minimum effort while working. They feel, on the other hand, that Dremel Multi-Max doesn’t perfectly fit in the hands. It has a squared, four-sided body, whereas Fein has softer and more rounded corners. Dremel, thought, is being praised for being lightweight. Fein is bigger and heavier. Both models are not particularly designed for two-hand use.

In terms of power, Fein is capable of more torque because of its more powerful motor. Comparing Fein MultiMaster vs. Dremel Multi-Max, Fein oscillates at 20-21,000 opm, while Dremel does at 10-21,000 opm. The motor of Fein Multimaster doesn’t decelerate or slow down with heavy usage, however it gets overheated and becomes difficult to handle after half an hour of heavy usage. Fein also has higher amps of 2.3 compared to Dermel’s 1.5 amps. Fein Multimaster vibrates less and cuts faster and more precise than Dremel.

Fein Multimaster comes with a much larger selection of kits and individual accessories. Early models of Feins had problems with blade switching, though the change systems of new models don’t require hex key anymore. Fein blades are more durable in dealing with heavy duty work.  Dremel’s attachments, on the other hand, are less durable and are not wiped for construction site job. Both brands save time in switching accessories. When it comes to blade change feature, Dremel bolt still has the conventional hexagonal configuration which slows the process of changing from accessory to another. Fein employs a simple screw with a hex wrench change system and takes 14 seconds to switch blades.

There you go. If you compare Fein MultiMaster vs. Dremel Multi-Max, the former is notoriously expensive but most reviewers are convinced that it is still the highest quality among others. All in all, users agree that Fein’s high price is acceptable as no other tool works so well like it.

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