If you have used Fein Multimaster, you know exactly why when it comes to oscillating tools, Fein’s incredible success is irrefutable. Fein tools are of great professional quality, but the consumers’ dilemma is that these are also the most expensive tools so not everyone can get their hands on them.

Fein Multimaster is now competing against two new models that do the same job at a considerably cheaper price. One of which is Bosch, with its cordless Multimaster. There are many reviews comparing Fein Multimaster VS Bosch. After reading through, decide which one works better for you.

In terms of accessories, users prefer Fein Multimaster because it relatively offers a much larger array of kits and separate accessories. However, Bosch is keeping up by developing much cheaper accessories (OIS accessories) and encouraging other major brands to embrace the platform. When changing the OIS accessories, the new Bosch MX23E employs a simple screw with a hex wrench. It would take more or less 48 seconds to switch the blade and some reviewers warned that you would likely lose the hex key in the process.

On the other hand, the Fein QuickIN has a sleek change system that doesn’t require key. It takes 14 seconds to change the blade, although users are also warned of possibly losing the fastener as it sometimes shoots out.

According to reviewers, in terms of performance, both Fein and Bosch have very similar variable speed of up to 20-21,000 oscillations per minute. Both tools also did a good job of sanding, grinding and cutting. Bosch has a slightly higher amps of 2.5 compared with Fein’s 2.3 amps. After several test, they were unable to find out if there is any difference in speed.

However, users take note of Bosch’s powerful motor, as it remained very usable after more than 30 minutes of continuous use. They say that Fein Multimaster vs. Bosch, Bosch performed better in terms of handling long periods of use.

Most reviewers feel, though, that one of Bosch’s drawbacks is it lacks a dust extraction accessory. Dust collection application can be very important particularly when sanding. Users are still hoping that Bosch would have an option for dust collection. Fein is one of those brands that includes a dust collection option. Most people say that Fein Multimaster is the winner when it comes to these aspects.

Though Bosch has good features, most users and reviewers still conclude that Fein Multimaster is the best oscillating tool on the market. Fein Multimaster vs Bosch, Fein still remained unmatched when it comes to refinement, applications and accessory changing system.

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