Fein MultiMaster FMM 250QThe Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q is one of the more flexible models from the Fein Multimaster line of tools. It comes with many threaded holes which allow you to mount different accessories to the device that will allow you to finish the job more thoroughly.

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q has incredible control and power which you can use to your advantage. This allows more precision work to be done on surfaces that might not have been able to be cut before. This control and power also allows you to be able to minimize the time you are working on your project.

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Fein Multimaster FMM 250Q Features and Specifications

  • FMM 250Q quick change tool with variable speed
  • 3.50 by 7.20 by 14.20 inches
  • Universal E-Cut blade
  • Plastic carrying case to make storage and travel easy
  • Carbide blade and universal E-Cut blade
  • Dust extraction kit to remove dust during heavy projects
  • Comes with sanding pad and 15 sheets of sand paper
  • Includes rigid scraper blade

Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Reviews

Consumers rave about how well the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q performs on the job. They say that it’s able to finish jobs in a single hour that would have taken them multiple hours while using other tools. The best feature on the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q is the star shank on the blades which prevents any chance of the blade slipping. It is also easier then ever to change the blade or to reposition it, because you do not need to use a wrench to perform these actions. These added features on the tool allow you to save time while working on tedious jobs.

Others gave the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q a five star rating because it exhibits better control and power than any other tool on the market. The rubber grip, sheer speed of the blades, and the quality with which the tool was made with all contribute to the incredible finesse of the tool.

Consumers also love how the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q is flexible in it’s design. This tool has threaded holes on the body which allow you to mount small accessories. Small accessories could range anywhere from a depth gauge to a rail guide. People also like how these threaded holes can be used to mount the tool on a bench. You will be able to perform small and delicate precision work by being able to mount the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q on a bench.

The one problem that most consumers have with the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q is the price of the tool kit. Many people said that the price of the tools deterred them from buying the tool kit multiple times. However, once they purchased the tools everyone agreed that the tools were well worth the cost.

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q, even with it’s high cost, is a favorite tool among most consumers because of the incredible quality of the tool. The lightweight and powerful design of the tool allows for it’s ability to complete nearly any job presented before it with ease.

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You probably have considered purchasing your very own Fein FMM 250Q Top Plus MultiMaster Oscillating Detail Sander Tool Kit, but has gone to the skeptic path of reading negative reviews about it. In reality, many criticisms about the tool kit exist, and some of these Fein Multimaster complaints really discourage one to purchase it.

With extensive use and research however, we can put Fein Multimaster to good (and possibly even exceptional use). With its unmatched versatility, quick changing system and high-precision mechanics, you can have an all in one tool (and the world’s first oscillating one at that) which could totally reinvent and re-energize your hobby and handiwork.

While there have been several positive reviews about it, we cannot avoid having many Fein Multimaster complaints. The most prominent one is arguably the incompatibility of the accessories and tools that come with the package. One review states that the Finger sander attachment that comes with it does not fulfill the specifications stated in the advertisements. Apparently, the sandpaper attached does not remain intact with the tool, leaving frustration when trying to polish corners in detail.

Another complaint concerns Fein Fein FMM 250Q Top Plus MultiMaster Oscillating Detail Sander Tool Kit’s dust extractor which doesn’t seem to connect with the hose end of the unit without prior modification. This leave such functions not completely operational and make users disappointed. However, when compared to other tools out there in the market, Fein is still a tough cookie to beat.

Several reviewers still gave it rave reviews, testifying how outstanding the tool is and how it is right for any job. It’s your ideal partner in professional projects and hobbies. Scraping paint off the floor with the Fein Multimaster and its Rigid Scraper Blade – a high powered scraper blade for several types of floors. The HSS Segmented Blade, on the other hand, is designed to scrape through harder surfaces and perfectly work with right-angled corners.

With its unprecedented Oscillating function for tough corners and shapes, Quick-in rapid change attachment system, ergonomic and low vibrating motor for added convenience and durable design, there’s nothing quite like the versatility and quality of a Fein Multimaster.

Albeit the many Fein Multimaster complaints, it is quite clear that the positives can truly outweigh (or even cancel completely) the minor discrepancies with proper handling and maybe some slight modification. With the features discussed above, you know that you won’t have to be skeptic with the Fein Multimaster.

Fein Multimaster Review Related Articles:

For many years, Fein has monopolized the market for oscillating tools. Now that its patent had worn out, other brands are advancing with their own versions at cheaper prices. One of its competitors is the Dremer Multi-Max. If you are getting an oscillating tool, it would be prudent to first get tips from reviews made by users who had experienced working with these tools. Down below is a Fein MultiMaster vs. Dremel Multi-Max comparison.

When it comes to ergonomics, reviewers give Fein Multimaster a five star rating for its comfortable handling. Its rubber grip and ergonomic design are adapted perfectly to require minimum effort while working. They feel, on the other hand, that Dremel Multi-Max doesn’t perfectly fit in the hands. It has a squared, four-sided body, whereas Fein has softer and more rounded corners. Dremel, thought, is being praised for being lightweight. Fein is bigger and heavier. Both models are not particularly designed for two-hand use.

In terms of power, Fein is capable of more torque because of its more powerful motor. Comparing Fein MultiMaster vs. Dremel Multi-Max, Fein oscillates at 20-21,000 opm, while Dremel does at 10-21,000 opm. The motor of Fein Multimaster doesn’t decelerate or slow down with heavy usage, however it gets overheated and becomes difficult to handle after half an hour of heavy usage. Fein also has higher amps of 2.3 compared to Dermel’s 1.5 amps. Fein Multimaster vibrates less and cuts faster and more precise than Dremel.

Fein Multimaster comes with a much larger selection of kits and individual accessories. Early models of Feins had problems with blade switching, though the change systems of new models don’t require hex key anymore. Fein blades are more durable in dealing with heavy duty work.  Dremel’s attachments, on the other hand, are less durable and are not wiped for construction site job. Both brands save time in switching accessories. When it comes to blade change feature, Dremel bolt still has the conventional hexagonal configuration which slows the process of changing from accessory to another. Fein employs a simple screw with a hex wrench change system and takes 14 seconds to switch blades.

There you go. If you compare Fein MultiMaster vs. Dremel Multi-Max, the former is notoriously expensive but most reviewers are convinced that it is still the highest quality among others. All in all, users agree that Fein’s high price is acceptable as no other tool works so well like it.

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Fein invented the hand-held oscillating tool called the MultiMaster. It was released in 1986 with a patent that prevented other companies from using the same technology and gave them total market dominance. Now that the patent had expired, Fein is being challenged by a number of reasonably inexpensive oscillating tools. One of which is the Harbor Freight clone of the Multimaster. Is it any good? Let the Fein Multimaster vs Harbor Freight comparison answer your question.

Fein Multimaster and its accessories are notorious for being overpriced. Though poorly made, some users prefer Harbor Freight over Fein primarily because of its incredibly cheap price. Some users commented that even though Harbor Freight blades cannot come close to Fein in terms of dependability, the fact that you can get 10 blades for the price of one Fein blade is just simply worth the risk. If you are working on some occasional minor jobs, Harbor Freight can be a lifesaver. But if you don’t mind paying for quality, then go for Fein.

Latest models of Fein Multimaster use the simple screw with a hex wrench change system for convenient switching of accessories. Fein Multimaster is praised for being much secured while working. The Harbor Freight lone, on the other hand, has issue on the cutting blade getting loose during use. The blades are secured by an allen bolt and need to be really locked in. The on/off switch can be a bit tight to push.

As for the Harbor Freight clone, most reviewers agree that it will work just fine if not used for long periods of time. Harbor Freight is not particularly tailored for heavy duty work. Abuse it for several hours and the accessories will definitely break. Fein’s accessories, on the hand, are known for being extremely durable and long lasting. Fein Multimaster vs Harbor Freight, Fein wins in these categories.

In terms of power, some users feel that it is not so much of a close match. Harbor Freight clone is slower, with 11,000 opm, while Fein ranges from 11-21,000 opm. Some reviewers note that what makes Harbor Freight even worse is the fact that it is single speed.

Many reviewers conclude that buying the cheaper Harbor Freight will do the trick in saving money, but it still cannot compare with the Fein Multimaster. Harbor Freight may suffice for occasional light jobs, but Fein remains the best option for long term use. Fein Multimaster vs Harbor Freight, the winner is somewhat obvious.

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If you have used Fein Multimaster, you know exactly why when it comes to oscillating tools, Fein’s incredible success is irrefutable. Fein tools are of great professional quality, but the consumers’ dilemma is that these are also the most expensive tools so not everyone can get their hands on them.

Fein Multimaster is now competing against two new models that do the same job at a considerably cheaper price. One of which is Bosch, with its cordless Multimaster. There are many reviews comparing Fein Multimaster VS Bosch. After reading through, decide which one works better for you.

In terms of accessories, users prefer Fein Multimaster because it relatively offers a much larger array of kits and separate accessories. However, Bosch is keeping up by developing much cheaper accessories (OIS accessories) and encouraging other major brands to embrace the platform. When changing the OIS accessories, the new Bosch MX23E employs a simple screw with a hex wrench. It would take more or less 48 seconds to switch the blade and some reviewers warned that you would likely lose the hex key in the process.

On the other hand, the Fein QuickIN has a sleek change system that doesn’t require key. It takes 14 seconds to change the blade, although users are also warned of possibly losing the fastener as it sometimes shoots out.

According to reviewers, in terms of performance, both Fein and Bosch have very similar variable speed of up to 20-21,000 oscillations per minute. Both tools also did a good job of sanding, grinding and cutting. Bosch has a slightly higher amps of 2.5 compared with Fein’s 2.3 amps. After several test, they were unable to find out if there is any difference in speed.

However, users take note of Bosch’s powerful motor, as it remained very usable after more than 30 minutes of continuous use. They say that Fein Multimaster vs. Bosch, Bosch performed better in terms of handling long periods of use.

Most reviewers feel, though, that one of Bosch’s drawbacks is it lacks a dust extraction accessory. Dust collection application can be very important particularly when sanding. Users are still hoping that Bosch would have an option for dust collection. Fein is one of those brands that includes a dust collection option. Most people say that Fein Multimaster is the winner when it comes to these aspects.

Though Bosch has good features, most users and reviewers still conclude that Fein Multimaster is the best oscillating tool on the market. Fein Multimaster vs Bosch, Fein still remained unmatched when it comes to refinement, applications and accessory changing system.

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It’s really easy to find the best place on where to buy Fein Multimaster tools and you’ve probably been to that site many times before. If you go and search through the forums you’re also going to see that they recommend you check out this site and what I’m talking about is the Amazon website.

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Now obviously, Amazon is not the only website that will provide you the best price for Fein Multimaster. If you go and check out the official Fein site when you search for “where to buy fein multimaster”, you will see that they will take you to another site which I don’t feel comfortable since I don’t want to jump from one site to another.

I checked out their prices for Fein Multimaster and they also have the same pricing just like in the Amazon website. However, I was expecting that they will have their own ordering system but I wasn’t that thrilled because they will also direct your order to a third party website. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that but I’m more confident with Amazon because they’re already a trusted brand online.

I also love using Google to search for relevant information online but when I typed in “where to buy fein multimaster”, I found one website in the first page results where the Fein Multimaster is no longer available so it was not a good use of my time. Good thing Google continually improves their search results.

Most of the time, when you’re searching for a place on where to buy some products online, you’ll definitely come across Amazon. You can try searching Google on where to buy Fein Multimaster and you’ll see that Amazon is ranked at the very top of the search results page and that’s for a good reason.

One huge benefit that many consumers enjoy when ordering through Amazon is that they get free shipping. Just make sure that you read the terms so you’ll be able to take advantage of this benefit. If you go and check out the websites other than Amazon, then you will see that they will make you shoulder the shipping expenses which can be a drag in my opinion.

You can also see a lot of consumer reviews about the Fein Multimaster when you visit Amazon. So far it has some really high positive reviews from consumers. Their opinions will really help you out in making a solid decision on purchasing your Fein Multimaster. So make sure that you consider Amazon when you’re looking for where to buy Fein Multimaster.

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Fein FMM 250Q Top Plus MultiMasterThe Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus is the most advanced model of tool kits that the Fein MultiMaster line is able to offer. It includes a powerful 250 watt motor, and many different blades which you can switch in and out depending on the top you need done. The motor on this model is 40% stronger then the motor on the previous models.

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus also flaunts a quick change multimaster system which will save you time on switching the blades in and out. This kit comes with the universal E-Cut, HSS segment, and carbide-tipped saw blades.

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Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus Features and Specs

  • Fein MultiMaster FMM 250 Q tool
  • 19.50 by 12.50 by 5.75 inches
  • Has a quick change multimaster system
  • 250 watt motor is high powered
  • Low vibration machine to prevent mistakes while working
  • Durable design of the tool is made to last
  • Comes with triangular sanding pad with 5 of each type of sanding sheet: 80, 120 and 180
  • Includes universal E-Cut, HSS segment, and carbide-tipped saw blades

Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus Reviews

Consumers give the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus a five star rating, because of how much this model has improved over the older models. This model has a 40% improvement in power over the previous versions. The new and more powerful motor is able to handle working with any materials without failing on you. It has also been praised for vibrating less which leads to more precise work.

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus has amazed people by being able to complete a project in half the time that it would have taken with a different tool brand. Its powerful motor and other added features allow you to cut down on your workload in a shorter amount of time, and leave you with a better looking end product.

Most people buy the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus because they have heard about it’s quality and dependability. This tool has been able to keep up with professional contractors at work, and many contractors have said that they would not trust any other tool to get the job done. One contractor said that the blade cut through two layers of hard plywood like it was butter. People are amazed at how this Fein Multimaster tool is able to take job after job and keep running smoothly!

However, one consumer said that they were unhappy with the dust extractor which comes with the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus. They were happy with the actual tool unit, but wanted a better dust extractor. They solved the issue by purchasing a different dust extractor connector which allowed them to continue using their Fein Multimaster tool without any further problems.

If you want a tool that has been repeatedly named as one of the most reliable tools on the market, then you should go with the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus. If you ever encounter any problems with your Fein tool, then the great variety of connections and accessories that this model is compatible with will definitely solve your problem for good!

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Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q SelectWith the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select, you can finish your projects within a short amount of time with minimal effort required. This tool can do more than the average tool. It does not only cut, but it can also sand, scrape, and remove almost all substances during your project.

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select is able to sand around tight corners, and perform precision work which might not be able to be done on other models. Its powerful 250 watt motor also contributes to its amazing ability to get the job done with minimum work on your end.

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Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select Features and Specifications

  • FMM 250Q quick change tool with variable speed
  • 4.20 by 10 by 15 inches
  • Tool has a quick change multimaster system
  • High powered 250 watt motor
  • Key and mounting bolts for any additional attachments
  • Rigid scraper blade can attach to the tool for easy scraping purposes
  • Comes with 1 sanding pad and 15 sheets of sand paper for the pad
  • Includes universal E-Cut blade and a HSS Segmented blade

Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select Reviews

Consumers rave about how the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select saves them more than half the time when it comes to difficult jobs. One customer wrote that he had a job which, if done with an ordinary chisel, would have resulted in hours of work and a sloppy job. After he bought and used the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select, the melamine came off without any problems and he was done within minutes! He said that it ended up saving him a lot of frustration, and it looked professionally done because of the powerful scraper which comes with the tool.

A different person said that the tool was one of the most powerful tools they had ever used. They referred back to a time where they had to cut through really tough material, and they were shocked at how powerful the tool felt. It definitely was more than enough to get the job done, and they were thrilled at the fact that they had not ever had to use the highest power setting on the tool as of yet. The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select is built for power, and will be able to get any job done, no matter what material is needed to cut through.

Other consumers wrote that the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select has the capability to do most of the projects that a person needs to get done around the house. It can effectively complete any cutting, sanding, scraping, or removing that comes along with completing a project.

One of the negative aspects though, as highlighted by a consumer, is the cost of the blades. This consumer wrote that the blades wear out fairly fast if you use them heavily, and they were unhappy with the cost of replacing them. They did manage to find a Fein MultiMaster discount on new blades which was able to save them a lot of money, and they were able to keep using their tool with satisfaction.

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Select is an all around tool which will be able to save you a lot of frustration no matter what kind of a job you need it for. It may seem costly at first to invest in, but the time and effort that this tool can save you makes it well worth the money spent.

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With all of the tools out on the market, it is no surprise that a rivalry should spring up between two of these major tool brands. The Fein Multimaster vs Rockwell Sonicrafter debate has people on both sides wondering which side has good quality tools and which side is making their claims up.

Both major tool brands have made their own claims towards what their products can accomplish, and many consumers are wondering which tool brand, the Sonicrafter or Fein Multimaster, can accomplish more. The Sonicrafter’s features differ widely from the Fein Multimaster’s features, and some people prefer one over the other.

Rockwell Sonicrafter Features and Specifications

  • Comes with a finger sanding pad and 30 finger sanding sheets
  • Has a soft grip which offers you comfort and control
  • Magnesium alloy gear housing which makes it lightweight
  • 73-piece multipurpose kit
  • Features super high-frequency oscillation technology.
  • Can cut wood, thin metals, fiberglass, masonry, plastic, carpet and flooring, cement board, and even vinyl siding.
  • Requires very little downward pressure for sanding
  • A complete workshop in one versatile tool

Fein MultiMaster vs Rockwell Sonicrafter Reviews

One of the most often argued points within the Sonicrafter reviews is the Fein Multimaster vs Rockwell Sonicrafter debate. Both of these companies are highly competitive in business, and consumers often do not know which way to lean on the argument when it comes to buying their own tool set.

People who argue positively for Rockwell Sonicrafter on the Fein Multimaster vs Rockwell Sonicrafter debate often say that the blades last longer then the Fein Multimaster blades. They say that the sander on the Sonicrafter leaves a smooth and clean surface that is not seen with any other brand of tools. The Sonicrafter is mainly used by consumers as a tool for trimming flooring, sanding furniture, cutting off glue, and many more small tasks. They say that it is able to complete these easy tasks efficiently and without any problems.

Nevertheless, the opposing side on the Fein Multimaster vs Rockwell Sonicrafter debate say that the Fein Multimaster is the obvious choice when choosing which tool to buy. The Fein Multimaster is praised highly for being able to get jobs done that no other tools can do. It is more powerful then a Sonicrafter tool, and can cut through much more because of this. For tough jobs that contractors might encounter, the Fein Multimaster is often chosen to complete these jobs over the Sonicrafter. Contractors often said that they would not trust their work to any other tool other then a Fein Multimaster.

Impartial third parties on the Fein Multimaster vs Rockwell Sonicrafter have purchased both sets of tools and put them to the test. They determined that the Rockwell Sonicrafter will only cut the thinnest of materials. They determine that the Sonicrafter was not worth the money when the Fein Multimaster is able to cut through so many more materials. They said that the Fein Multimaster was more worth the money, and will hold up better in the long run then the Sonicrafter. The Sonicrafter is better for smaller jobs while the Fein Multimaster is more for contractor sized jobs.

When choosing a side on the Fein Multimaster vs Rockwell Sonicrafter debate, most people end up buying the Fein Multimaster because of the wide variety of jobs that it is able to complete. The Sonicrafter might be better for the smaller jobs within the home, but if you want a quality tool then most people would go with the Fein Multimaster.

If you’re looking for a Fein MultiMaster sale then you’re in the right place as there’s only one site where you can get an amazing deal. It’s understandable that you’re looking for a Fein MultiMaster discount and you can actually get one if you look in the right places. Just continue in reading this article and you’ll find a link where you can get the Fein MultiMaster best price.

Choosing the right tool can be a challenge because of all of the tools that are out there on the market. Most people, however, that want a tool that will last them decide to purchase a Fein Multimaster. Fein Multimasters can be found in a variety of stores, and you should choose the model based on your own individual needs.

Fein Multimasters are generally found in most places, because of how popular the brand is. They can get pretty costly though, because of the high quality of a tool that you are buying. Most people try to find a Fein Multimaster sale in order to reduce the initial cost as much as they can.

You can generally find a Fein Multimaster discount if you go online to different stores such as Amazon.com. Amazon.com is able to offer different discounts on particular items, because they have made a deal with the manufacturer of the brand. They are usually able to offer you discounts ranging anywhere from 10% off to 50% off the original item. The only downside to using a Fein Multimaster sale off of Amazon.com is that you have to pay the shipping and handling fees on the tool. If you get lucky you can find a Fein Multimaster sale where the tool will end up having totally free shipping and you will be able to get it at a even larger discount then before.

Depending on which model you purchase will depend on how much you end up paying for it. A Fein Multimaster can range anywhere from $200 to $500 dollars. However, you can purchase different kits which include different sets of tools. Certain kits contain more then other kits, and if they contain more then they will end up being more costly. You also have to keep in mind that a more expensive kit could end up being cheaper than a kit which contains less if you get it from a Fein Multimaster sale on Amazon.com. If there is a certain kit that you require and Amazon.com does not have a sale on that specific kit then you will need to look elsewhere for the kit. Sometimes you have find sales if you go to the home improvement store next to your house and you find the Fein Multimaster section of the store. If a store cannot move certain merchandise then they might have a sale on the specific kit that you are looking for.

Finding a cheap tool kit can be pretty difficult. It can be especially difficult if you are looking for a Fein Multimaster tool kit. Because these tool kits can range in price from a few hundred to many hundred dollars, it may be worth your while to buy it from a Fein Multimaster sale and save as much money as you can. You can sometimes find inexpensive tool kits on the internet on websites such as Amazon.com or you can possibly find discounts at a local store near you. You just have to look in a variety of different places until you find the right Fein Multimaster tool kit for you.

Continue reading the Fein Multimaster reviews for more information on how to get the best price.